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Reikartz Polyana

Hotel located in the picturesque valley of the River Pynya located in the Svalyava basin (in the foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians). The spa resort village of Polyana, at 320 meters above sea level. The hotel accommodates a SPA & Wellness Center specializing in mud treatment and spa therapy.

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Number of rooms: 2
16 m2
2 single
In the room:

Two single beds (900 x 2000) or one double bed (1800 x 2000), air conditioning, mini-bar, in-room safe, hairdryer, TV set, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, wardrobe, desk and bathroom.

Number of rooms: 7
20 m2
2 single
In the room:

Two single beds (900 x 2000) or one double bed (1800 x 2000), air conditioning, mini-bar, in-room safe, hairdryer, TV set, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, wardrobe, desk and bathroom.

Number of rooms: 28
24 m2
2 single
In the room:

Two single beds (900 x 2000) or one double bed (1800 x 2000), air conditioning, mini-bar, in-room safe, hairdryer, TV set, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, wardrobe, desk and bathroom.

Number of rooms: 9
34–38 m2
2 single
In the room:

Two bedroom suite
Single or double beds, air conditioning, mini-bar, in-room safe, hairdryer, TV set, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, sofa or armchair, coffee table, desk, wardrobe and bathroom.

Number of rooms: 2
34–38 m2
2 single
In the room:

Two bedroom suite
Single or double beds, air conditioning, mini-bar, in-room safe, hairdryer, TV set, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, sofa or armchair, coffee table, desk, wardrobe and bathroom.



Buffet breakfast

Buffet breakfast

A rich breakfast is served every morning in the hotel’s restaurant

Buffet dinner

Buffet dinner

In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool

The hotel has a large indoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming

Outdoor swimming

The outdoor pool is open during the warmer months



Unlimited access to the Roman and Finnish saunas



Keep fit even on vacation

Consultation cosmetologist

Consultation cosmetologist

An experienced cosmetologist will provide competent advice

Children's animation

Children's animation

A team of experienced animators is always happy to young guests.

Mineral water "Polyana Kvasova"

Mineral water "Polyana Kvasova"

Pump room with therapeutic water "Polyana Kvasova" right in the hotel

Guided hiking tours

Guided hiking tours

Go hiking in the mountains with an experienced guide



Large and convenient parking on the territory of hotel

About services

Beauty and SPA

Beauty and SPA

Beauty Room

We offer a range of skin treatments which include spa therapies and a variety of facial beauty services
By appointment at the reception desk

Beauty room services

Massage with singing Tibetan bowls

This type of massage is recognized as one of the best and most effective systems in the fight against stress and has a unique therapeutic effect on the human body due to sound vibrations.
The therapeutic effect of this massage is in two main stages: first, the massage master relaxes the patient's body, using the technique of traditional Thai massage, and then goes on to sound massage - the frequency fluctuations of sounds and vibrations that reproduce the bowls, resonate with human organs, with all systems her body - immune, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal, excretory, cover and sexual.
Massage Singing Tibetan bowls help deepen the breath, remove various cramps, inflammatory processes, muscle and psycho-emotional blocks, increases the amount of endorphins in the body.

- the first and last trimester of pregnancy
- presence of a pacemaker
- alcohol or narcotic opacity
- epilepsy, acute viral diseases


Spa body treatments:

Chocolate wrap
Seaweed wrap
Anti-cellulite wrap
'Fruit Cocktail' wrap
Ву Luxe Grape Body wrap (аntioxident)
Fango Body wrap (anti-cellulite effect)
'Slim body' – fruit and cream based skin treatment
Skin renewal treatment
Back skin cleansing
Anti-cellulite massage (problem areas)
'Lavender' body scrubbing
Vacuum roller massage
Paraffin Wax Spa Hand Treatment
Paraffin Wax Spa Foot Treatment
Seaweed Body Scrub (cleansing & detoxification)
Monoi Oil & Volcanic mud Body Scrub from Bora Bora (cleansing, hydrating, nutrition)



Facial treatments:

Facial massage (several types)
Ultrasonic facial cleansing
Eyebrow shaping
Eyebrow tinting
Eyelash tinting
Skin tightening

A variety of treatments for all skin types (*rejuvenation, whitening, renewal, etc.)

Also in the beauty room you can buy Christina (Israel) proffesional cosmetics!



Manicure room

The hotel offer manicure, pedicure and depilation services

Work schedule: Monday and Friday upon prior arrangement



It is necessary to consult a doctor prior to selecting a treatment option!


Downhill skiing

Downhill skiing

For many tourists, downhill skiing is surely one of the main reasons to visit Zakarpattia in winter. The "Reikartz Poliana" is approximately 100 meters away from the nearest ski lift. We would be happy to organize transfer to other ski locations.


Ski Lift in Zdeniyevo - They are located 30 kilometers away from the "Reikartz Poliana"

Ski lifts in Polyana 

"Kateryna" - 3 kilometers

"Vedmezha" - 4 kilometers

The Podobovets Ski Resort - It is located 62 kilometers away from the "Reikartz Poliana".

Pylypets Ski Resort - is located 65 kilometers away from the "Reikartz Poliana".

Plai Ski Resort - It is located 90 kilometers away from the "Reikartz Poliana".

Slavske Ski Resort - It is located 120 kilometers away from the "Reikartz Poliana".

Mount Krasiya - It is located 100 kilometers away from the "Reikartz Poliana".

Tysovets Ski Resort - It is located 85 kilometers away from the "Reikartz Poliana".

Tubing Park "Vedmezha" - 4 kilometers

Leisure and entertainment

Leisure and entertainment

The Reikartz Polyana hotel incorporates a fully equipped fitness area which includes:

Indoor swimming pool with hydromassage apparatus;
Exercise room;
Outdoor swimming pool.



For children:

Children's menu in the restaurant;
Entertainment room with board games;




Hiking in the mountains with a guide;
Table tennis;
Bicycles for rent;
Excursions to Zakarpattia.


Rules of visiting a child's room: see rules

Medical center

Medical center

The Medical Center at the Reikartz Polyana specializes in gastroenterology.
Mineral water is used for inhaling, medicinal bathing, gargling and lavages. There is a pump room in the hotel lobby where our guests can enjoy mineral water known as Polyana Kvasova.



Gastrointestinal diseases:
Gastritis, gastroduodenitis
Gastric and duodenal ulcer
Irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea and constipation
Colitis and enterocolitis
Liver and gallbladder diseases


Endocrine system diseases and metabolic disorders:
Mild to moderate diabetes


Kidney and ureter conditions:
Uratic diathesis
Chronic pyelonephritis
Chronic cystitis


Respiratory diseases:
Frequent colds


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system:
Arthritis, arthrosis
Effects of traumatic injuries and fractures


Skin diseases:
Psoriasis, eczema


Diseases of the cardiovascular system:
Ischemic heart disease
Vegetovascular dystonia

Our guarantee

Ресурс 3


The hotel is located in a protected area closed among the beauty of the Carpathian mountain

Ресурс 4


Daily cleaning, regular change of linen, disinfection


The hotel is certified by the state control body for compliance with category 4 *

Special offers

Magical Transcarpathia

Magical Transcarpathia

Every week! Excursion trips in magical Zarpatia are organized for guests of the Reikartz Karpaty and Reikartz Polyana hotels on Tuesday and Thursday. Choose your favorite route and take an exciting trip!

Route «Royal» on the castles of Transcarpathia:

Hotel «Reikartz Karpaty»/Hotel «Reikartz Polyana» — «Shenborn Residence» — «Palanok» — Hotel «Reikartz Karpaty»/Hotel «Reikartz Polyana»

The cost of the trip in both directions for adults — 150 UAH

Route «Siesta» to the thermal waters of Kosino:

Hotel «Reikartz Karpaty»/Hotel «Reikartz Polyana» — Thermal waters of Kosino — Hotel «Reikartz Karpaty»/Hotel «Reikartz Polyana»

The cost of the trip in both directions for adults — 200 UAH 


  • For children under 5 years old, a trip accompanied by adults is free of charge, without providing a separate place in the transport.
  • Advance booking at the reception desk is compulsory.
  • Travelers pay for their own cost of excursion tickets and meals on the way. Please plan your personal travel expenses in advance.
  • These trips are transfer. The hotel provides comfortable travel for the group members on the selected route in both directions.
  • The hotel does NOT organize excursion programs as part of this special offer.
  • We give participants of a trip to the road a lunch box and a bottle of Reikartz brand water.
  • The travelator (hotel) reserves the right to cancel or postpone the trip if the number of participants is insufficient.

    For information

    +38 031 242 40 50 «Reikartz Karpaty»                      

          +38 031 242 40 57 Hotel «Reikartz Polyana»                      

Health and beauty

Health and beauty

7 дней / 6 ночей

01.09.2019 - 26.12.2019 

Представляем новую пакетное предложение «ЗДОРОВЬЕ И КРАСОТА» от курортного отеля Закарпатья «Reikartz Поляна».

Эти две составляющие - ЗДОРОВЬЕ И КРАСОТА - важные для современного человека. В нашем отеле есть те базовые составляющие, которые сделают ваше тело здоровым, а внешность - расслабленно-красивой.

В пакет включено: проживание в номере выбранной категории, двухразовое питание по системе "шведский стол", пользование бюветом с минеральной водой "Поляна Квасова" (в холле отеля), набор медицинских и оздоровительных услуг пакета, консультации специалистов, пользование бассейном, саунами (при отсутствии противопоказаний), групповые фитнес-занятия с тренером (согласно сезонного расписания), посещение тренажерного зала, программы анимационного досуга.

Услуги и процедуры пакета:

Направление Услуга количество в пакете / на номер
Бальнеология Употребление минеральной воды "Поляна Квасовая" согласно назначению врача
Ванна на выбор: "Минеральная" или "Жемчужная" 2
Медицинская терапия Электрокардиограмма В ПОДАРОК 2
Магнитотерапия 1 зона (после консультации врача) В ПОДАРОК! 2
Гидролазерный душ 2

Пелоидотерапия / грязи о. Сиваш

Грязевая аппликация 1 зона (после приема врача) 2
Общее оздоровление и релакс На выбор: Массаж спины / массаж нижних конечностей 4
Арома-ванна (в ассортименте) 2
Уход за телом и лицом Программа "Красивые руки": скрабирование и массаж рук 2
Косметология на выбор: уотразвуковой лифтинг лица / массаж лица лимфодренажный 2
Консультации специалистов Консультация врача
Консультация косметолога


Стоимость пакетного предложения:

Номер Стандарт 1-местное размещение - 9 680 грн
Номер Стандарт 2-местное размещение - 11 570 грн
Номер Супериор 1-местное размещение - 10 500 грн
Номер Супериор 2-местное размещение - 12 380 грн

Отправить запрос

Про отель

Отель «Reikartz Поляна» расположен в живописной долине реки Пиня, которая находится в Свалявской котловине (предгорье Украинских Карпат). Отель расположен в популярном бальнеологическом курорте Поляна в Закарпатье, на высоте 320 м над уровнем моря. На базе отеля работает SPA & Wellness центр, который специализируется на грязелечении и бальнеологии.

Данное спецпредложение действует в период:
01.09.2019 – 26.12.2019 при условии периода проживания 7 дней / 6 ночей.

Просим привозить с собой результаты мед.обследования или Медицинскую карту – это поспособствует эффективному и безопасному назначению процедур главным врачом Мед.центра.

Скидки не суммируются. Бонусы не начисляются.
Правила бронирования и аннуляции стандартные.
Дополнительно оплачивается тур.сбор.
Пакетное предложение не распространяется на групповые заезды.

Для бронирования данного пакета свяжитесь по тел. или e-mail:
+38 067 685 98 54

For parents

For parents

Give your parents what they need – your attention, love and gratitude.
And one of the most effective ways – send them to the resort!

Rest, comfort, recovery, attention from the staff, carefree walks in the fresh Carpathian air, pleasant memories and a charge of cheerfulness – this is what your family will receive in a hotel with the European service "Reikartz Polyana".

Conditions of the offer "For parents":

  • 10% discount on accommodation*
  • 5% discount on medetine procedures**
  • transfer from or to station Svalyava (your choice)
  • Breakfast and dinner buffet
  • sauna and swimming pool
  • consultation with the Chief Medical Officer
  •  group fitness classes or water aerobics (by appointment)
  • indoor swimming pool
  • gym
  • Mineral water "Polyana Kvasova" (pump-room lounge)
  • Consultation cosmetologist (by appointment)

Reikartz knows how to take care of your loved ones!

Send a request

*In case of staying from 7 days and longer in any category of rooms.
**A 5% discount on medical procedures is given after consultation and appointment of the head physician of the medical center.
The discount does not apply to cosmetology procedures, massages, dirt wraps, phyto-bar services.
Extra bed is charged at the standard fare.

Additional charge tourist tax.
Dear Guests, please bring with you the "Medical Card" or the results of the medical investigations for quality appointment of procedures and their number in time consultation with a doctor.
Periods of action for the special offer "For Parents":
January 10, 2019 - April 24, 2019
May 13, 2015 - December 20, 2019

* Discounts do not get discounted for other offers. Bonuses are not charged.

Learn more about Reikartz Polyana

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What to see

Schönborn Castle

Once a romantic palace served as a residence and hunting house for a noble family of counts Schönborn. It became a sanatorium only in 1946, when there was not even a hint of aristocrats in these parts. The fabulous view of the building is a tribute to the fashionable at the end of the XIX century style "neoromantism"

Lake Synevir

Lake Synevir is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level, on the territory of the National Natural Park and is one of the most famous places to visit by tourists. It is considered the deepest and largest among the high-mountain lakes of Ukraine. Every year many lovers of beautiful nature come here.

Shipot Waterfall

Almost at the very end of the village of Pylypets, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine, Shypot, lurked. It remains attractive at any time of the year, and looks truly majestic and powerful after the spring floods. The legend of the waterfall Shypot connects his appearance with a loving couple.

Palanok Castle

In the city Mukachevo located is a unique example of the medieval architecture "Palanok Castle". The first mention of it dates back to the XI century, but the exact year of the foundation is not known. Palanok Castle's name comes from the fortress around it in a deep water-tearing falcon-palanka.

Thermal water

In the cities of Beregovo and Kosino there are modern recreational complexes with thermal waters rich in minerals that are suitable for family recreation and health promotion. Feel the effect of the healing properties of groundwater in the open-air pools, even in winter these sources are not cooled.

Uzhgorod Castle

Ancient Uzhgorod Castle has a rich history. It is the main tourist attraction of the city. The castle is located in the very center of Uzhgorod, but at the same time its walls are surrounded by a deep moat.Its owners managed to visit the Italian family of Drugets, and many other famous personalities.

Chany in Lumshory

Long since Lushmory were known for their mineral springs. Locals have always used their healing properties, and in the 16th century, a hospital was built here - this is the oldest resort in Transcarpathia. In combination with clean air and coniferous forests, it perfectly helps to improve the body.

Castle Saint Miklos

Saint-Miklos is first mentioned in written sources in 1214, now the area is called the village of Chinadievo, whose history is closely linked to Mukachevo. In the 15th century, in honor of the owner of the domination, a castle, preserved until our times, was built here. In his style, he sounds like an old romance style

Iza village

The village of Іza in Transcarpathia is located in Ukraine in the Yak center of lozopletnya, mistsevі mindіs robilat z lozi bezlіch rіznyh virobіv Here you can live in a living way, as the vine is a form and transformed into a great koshik, a rocking chair and other things of this materiel.

Hotel contacts


Yevropeyska street, 25, Polyana, Svalyava district, Zakarpattia region, 89313, Ukraine

E-mail: Phone: +38 031 242 40 57 Feedback

Hotel contacts


Yevropeyska street, 25, Polyana, Svalyava district, Zakarpattia region, 89313, Ukraine

E-mail: Phone: +38 031 242 40 57 Feedback